SHOCKING REVEALTION: How A Lady Got Her Tommy Totally Flat After Two Weeks Of Giving Birth Via C-S 

Secret Leaf From A Village In Imo State, Nigeria That Flattens Tummy Whitin Few Weeks Without Sweating In The Gym Every Day !

Imaginge getting back your hot shape in less than a month. Just imagine how happy your spouse will be, your friends and even people who know you.

As a man, imagine how shocked your friends will be to see your tummy looking all flat and your arm all smashing 

Dear Friend,

Would you want to kiss your BIGGI BELLE goodbye ?

My name is Chisom Belinda, am a video spokes person and content creator.

It's always been a worrisome issue for me each time i remember or see people with tummy as if they are pregnant even after pregnancy, so i decided to carry out this practical with my self after giving birth through C-S. 

I want you to have it at the back of your mind that this is not one of those marketing gimicks out there, this is a real life testimonial with my own product which worked for me and my elder sisther.

This was me after 7-Days after giving birth via C-S

Me after two weeks 

Me after 4-Weeks !

Introducing ...


Who Needs This Product !

  • Anybody that desires to Lepa again
  • Men with beer tummy
  • Post-Pregnancy women
  • Anyone who always Has Back pain 
  • Anyone who wants to build abs, shoulder and genearlly keep fit at home 

NOTE:  This Product Works For Both Male And Female 

Below is the Original Ajumbaise complete package raw ingredient that has been proven to be a very powerful herb to eliminate fat.

Instead of getting your hands burnt by getting the fake AjuMbaise Leave that is all over the social media at rediculous prices, i decided to bring to you the ORIGINAL IMO STATE INTERNATIONAL Product Called AJUMBAISE TEA From My Own Village.

Harvested, Redefined, Processed Into All In One Tea With 100% Natural Ingredients For The Best Result.

Reasons Why This Product Beats Every Other Product Out There With Faster Result ....

The tea is a herbal blend that’s highly effective in eliminating postpartum belly fat and stubborn belly fat in both male and female.
It aids in balancing the female hormones.

Its safe to take from first day after delivery for quick postpartum belly loss.
It works by flushing out the bad blood, water and fat called Lochia, which is responsible for postpartum belly pouch, this in turn causes shrinkage of the tummy to its normal size.
Its safe for both normal delivery and C-Section delivery.
You start seeing results from day 7 of consistency

Another good thing is that it aids weight loss and stubborn belly fat by melting the fat with time.
For stubborn belly fat, you must go for premium package and be consistent

This tea has extreme fat burning properties and increases the body’s metabolism rate which speeds up the amount of energy used by the body
And is safe for anyone trying to lose tummy and body fat including new and old moms cause it’s 100% safe for babies and helps breast milk flow

It enhances bowel movement, which is very essential to prevent constipation in new moms.

It treats hormonal imbalance, eliminates painful menses, regulate mesntrual cycle for proper ovulation, which in turn aids fertility and conception in TTC women and co.

It also boosts sexual performance in men and women


Below is my elder sisther who was very big before and was surprised at her transformation after three weeks of using this tea.

Alot of people doubt if this is really true but, we don't blame them to doubt because there are alot of FAKE product out there claimed to do wonders which at the end fail.

She did not give me the permission to expose her face hence it was covered so if you doubt the effectiveness of the product after this explainations, you can STOP AT THIS POINT !


1. Question: Can a pregnant woman take it ?

Ans: No please

2. Question: Can a woman trying to conceive take it?

Ans: Yes, it boosts fertility and prepares the womb for conception

3. Question: Can an ulcer patient take it?

Ans: Yes, please

4. Question: Can a breastfeeding mum take it?

Ans: Yes please, it’s 100% safe

5. Question: Are there any side effects?

Ans: None significant

6. Question: How long do I take it before I start seeing weightloss results?

Ans: You must be consistent for atleast 1-3 months, and you start seeing results from week 3

7. When can I start taking it after delivery and when do I start seeing results?

Ans: For normal delivery you can start same day, for C-section until the doctor lets you take tea.

You start seeing visible results from day 7-10


An acient IMO STATE HERB refined into a global brand that is sure to



If You Are Very Big And Intend To Loose Very Well 






Do You Want Your SKIN Look FRESH Like Today's Agege Bread ?

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If You Buy Two Months Plan And Above Or Slim Tea Plus Skin Withening Tea This Book Will Be Sent To You 100% FREE 

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